Milan Christian Assistance Fund

The Milan Christian Assistance Fund was established in 2008 by St. Ambrose, First Presbyterian Church, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Trinity United Methodist Church and St. Patrick to help people seeking assistance.

Blackhawk Township administers the funds. When a family requests monetary help, the situation is investigated by Blackhawk Township and provides township funds if appropriate, as well as church funds. Assistance can be provided to a family only once a year and is limited to a maximum of $200, with priority given to families with children. There must be a clear plan for how the bill will be paid in the future. Most of the requests are for utility assistance and/or rent assistance.

Because of this help, community members are able to maintain their homes and move through the difficult patches that can happen to all.  Together we live our faith!

Monetary donations can be made at any time, with checks made payable to the Milan Christian Assistance Fund and mailed to St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 115 12th Ave, W., Milan, IL 61264, attention Mary Donegan. The St. Ambrose contact for the program is Jackie Christopher, who can be reached at or 309-787-5361.