Religious Education

Religious Education Update From Fr. Joe
September 8, 2020

Due to recent events, it is impossible for us to continue with our normal delivery of our Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) program safely and efficiently. Therefore, with great disappointment, we have recently made the decision to shift this year’s program to an entirely online platform for the foreseeable future.

Kimberly Souba, DRE, will follow up with parents about the expectations and the material with which you’ll be provided to help educate your children.

If your child is in a sacrament year, either 2nd grade (First Reconciliation and First Communion) or 8th grade (Confirmation), there will be some additional requirements as we progress through the year. Again, Kimberly will communicate these items to you as we go forward. Additionally, we are hoping it might be possible to meet in person, in a safe fashion, with these children on a few occasions throughout the year to ensure they are properly prepared to receive these important sacraments.

We’re living in unprecedented times. Our prayer is that we will soon be beyond this crisis and will be able to function in our normal fashion by next fall, or possibly even sooner (maybe even the second semester) if local health conditions improve by then. Please pray for this intention as well.

NOTE: All families enrolled in CCD must be registered with the parish. This ensures you will receive all communication. To register, download and complete the form here.


Forms and Further Religious Education Information

Click to view forms needed for the Religious Education program or you’re a volunteer looking for further information and the Safe Environment training.



Parish Religious Education

Religious education in the Catholic Church is done either through attending a Catholic school or by joining the parish religious education program from kindergarten through eighth grade. Through this, we prepare children to receive sacraments: First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. In the Diocese of Peoria, religion classes for public school children begins in kindergarten, and classes are held each year until the Sacrament of Confirmation in eighth grade.


Goals of the St. Ambrose Religious Education Program

  • To recognize Scripture as God’s Word
  • To emphasize Jesus’s life and mission
  • To develop an understanding of the relationship of Scripture to the liturgical cycle, the curriculum and the student
  • To develop an understanding of the Church as one, holy, catholic and apostolic
  • To provide opportunities to share in the sacramental life of the Church
  • To promote appreciation and foster participation in personal prayer and communal worship
  • To develop a basic understanding of the teachings of the Church
  • To activate Christian concern for issues of life, truth and justice
  • To promote Catholic moral principles and assist in the moral development of the students
  • To encourage the ongoing, lifelong faith development of the student
  • To cultivate a desire in every student to attend Mass each Sunday
  • To stimulate and encourage the catechist, a witness to the gospel and person of prayer, to share their faith
  • To engage and support families in their role as primary religious educators of their children
  • To encourage students to be witnesses outside of the classroom